Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Business Idea 9: Produce Politicians(Unique Business Idea)

From many reports, it is revealed that there is a rare individual business other than politics exists where the income of someone increase to at least 500% time in the tenure of 5 years and to produce such people is also a huge profitable business 
Problem: Unavailability of professional institute to learn about politics 
Solution:  We can start a chain of Political learning Institute 
Idea Name: Political Learning Institute 
Investment: 0  
Man, Power Requirement Initially: 1 Trainer (Even volunteers available) 
Space Requirement (Initially): 1 Room  
Potential Customer (India):1M (with 5000 per month fee) 
Revenue Potential: 1M * 60000 =600 crore per year 
Profit Potential: 50% = 300 Crore per year (+Potential form the connection income with politicians) 

Detailed Desc: 
Huge number of people around the world are likely to make their career in politics and unfortunately there is no formal education is available that help you to make career in this field.At every level or stage of politics there are several people who are in the line to make them more skilled so that they can be deployed on the position that they want. 
Being a Politicians , its expected from you to make an impact on the people so that they start following you , for a politician many skills like Leadership, Communication, relationship management , image making , emotional intelligence , marketing, market analyzing etc are required. 
Some people get these skills from their family but most of the others are looking for external medium to enhance them so that these can be aligned with the goal of the same as well as general public. 
In this case study, we are talking about opening a chain of institute at Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities of country and where a formal course is designed to learn about the politics, the political institute should have good connection with the political parties to give their student live exposure ,Have guest lectures of the high profile politicians. Should have partnership with the marketing companies, image building companies, social media making companies so that every aspect to make a good politician can be covered. 
Special Advantage: 
If we can start this business then you will have the potential to make links/contacts with the key people of the political parties and government and can have benefit of the same for implementing your ideas in government objectives 
Business Model:There may be two Three type of approaches that one can Use
1) Franchise/ Self Owned Institute model:
2) Behind the scene: Services Like Social Media services, SEO,Ground research, image building packages, Organizing etc 
This is the Idea which is not present there in India to capture the market, only two approach are described here .so huge scope to blast this market

Support: We are business consultant and have business & implementation plan ready with us and done the market survey and make this case study after understanding this market in deep. If anyone want to disrupt the market, then contact us 
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