Friday, 26 October 2018

Startup Idea 8: How to Start business of Tea Selling and can make billions (Huge Profile -No Loss-No Investment)

Problem: Un availability of hygienic Tea with Professional Delivery for Billions of people daily  
Solution:  We can start tea selling business with hygienic material by customize portable stalls and delivery 
Idea Name: Tea Selling business
Domain: Women & Men Dominant 
Investment: Zero 
Man, Power Requirement Initially: 1(Trained in Making 2-3 types of tea)
Space Requirement: 0- You can start from your home 
Potential Customer (for India only): At-least 10 M Per day (two times a day)
Revenue Potential: 10M * 1.5 tea Per day *10 Rs per tea =150M per day = 15 crore per day 
     (Daily Tea consumption = 2293 Ton - As per BBC Report 
means 1.5 Crore cups per day (taking 150ml in cup) = 1.5*10*30 = 450 Crore per month)
Expenses: Tea, Chief, Delivery, Interest on Set up, Sales, Marketing : 30%
Profit Potential: 70% = 315 Crore Per month (+ Potential form biscuits, Namkeen, cigarette etc served along with the same)

Detailed Desc:
This is only the most consuming drink in India after water, In every occasion people require this magical drink weather it is any function, any issue, any meeting, any disease, any meetup any charcha- at all the occasions we need Tea .
In this case study, we are talking about the organizing the tea thela business which exist in one tier city to even 3 tier cities as well as in villages, Revenue is calculated on the tea rate that is charged by unprofessional for unhealthy & hygienic material. We have the potential in making variety of tea like Assam tea, ginger tea, pan tea, green tea, chocolate tea, vanilla tea, iced tea etc ... more over this. You can start making your tea vending machines with original taste and Your innovations along with the technology can reach this business to many more levels, contact to us for more details if you are interested to know more about this.
Special Advantage: If we can start this business in the business, corporate area then you have the potential to make links with the key people of the corporate that can give you more leads for other business,

Business Model:
There may be two Three type of approaches that one can Use
1) Doorstep on Demand Service: Can Be Started at Individual Level
2) Opening of temporary Stalls like customized on e-rickshaw: People will come and enjoy the tea there and you can deliver to the near area by this stall.
3) Stall setup in Malls, Corporate Buildings etc: Here you can make more attractive shop with rich material and can charge accordingly.
This is the Idea which is not present there in India to capture the market of two tier and three tier city, only three approach is implemented here .so huge scope to blast this market

Support is here:

We have business & implementation plan ready with us and done the market survey and make this case study after understanding this market in deep. If anyone want to disrupt the market, then contact us

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