Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Business Idea 7: Online News Channel @ Zero Cost

With the increase in use of social media in our life day by day, many business opportunities are started, and people are using the same for selling of their products and services.

No business domain is remaining untouched with the same, people are using the same anywhere anytime, and their business are operating from their pocket using the social media.

If we will talk about the newspaper/media domain, we found that due to the availability of huge source of updated information on social media and busyness in life, people don’t have time to read the newspaper and see the News on TV.

Problem Statement:Unavailability of organized source of news on social media

Solution/Idea: Lunching a social media news channnel

Investement : Zero 

Man-Power requirement : 1

Space Requirement : 0

Potential Customers: 241 million active users in India

Potential Revenue : Billion $  

This create a business opportunity for the people related to the media domain,

You can start your online social media news channel free of cost that will create a pillar for your TV news channel also.

Value/Advantage of News channel: 

1) You will get a respectful image between politician, Starts as well as the common people
2) Zero investment business in comparison to the traditional newspaper/media business
3) You can reach up to large audience with minimum time using social media.

How to Start:

1) Create a Facebook page & YouTube channel (both are free of cost)                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
2) Make 2-3 videos (3-5 minutes each) daily on the hot topic of the market and post them on Facebook page as well as on YouTube channel 

3)  process of posting of videos must be consistent and regular.

4) Start Facebook page promotion to catch organic audience as well as non-organic audience

5) As the views will increase so your page popularity.

6) After some time when you start getting response, nominate some journalist around the country (will be free of cost) and then they will have sent you the videos, then you can post them after filtration

Then your channel will have more visibility as no of posts will be increase and your effort will be less for video making

For Better and Quick results:

If you are group of 3-4 people initially than you will get less effort on each other, all of you will make 1-2 videos and you can get the better results in less time.


1) Speaking skills
2) Interest in popularity, politics and news 
3) Basic understanding of Facebook page and you tube channel 
4) 1-2-hour daily time efforts

Revenue Model:

1) Advertisements before videos in Facebook
2) Views revenue from YouTube
3) Revenue from the interview from political parties etc.

This is a business with zero investment and having huge potential in market in terms of money as well as fame.

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