Thursday, 19 April 2018

Statup Idea 6 :Supply fruits to professionals on their desk

Hi All,

Today we are going to discuss about the Startup Idea which will be solving a major problem related to most of the professionals (Office going professionals) 

Problem Statement: Less intake of fruits by professionals in daily life 

Solution: A Service provider who can supply fresh fruits on the desk of professionals daily without                    loosing fruit's nutrients 

Idea Name: On demand fruit supply for professionals on their desk 

Investment:  Zero 

Man, Power Requirement: 1

Space Requirement: 0 

Potential Customer: All professionals (more than 10 lacs per day) 

Revenue Potential: More than 5 Cr per day (with Rs 50 per day for a customer)

Disc: There is no professional service provider or aggregator who can provide the fresh cut fruits on the desk of professionals. It is highly recommended to consume at least two fruits in a day.

In my survey on 50 professionals, we have found that around 90% professional were not able to consume even a single fruit but all of them want to do the same, this is because they don’t have time to buy and cut the fruit on their desk 

So here a need of professional organized supply chain is arrived who can supply fresh fruit to their desk.

Points to think: How to supply the fruits without losing their nutrients.
   How can we supply the fruit within 15-30 minutes after cutting.

"We can collaborate with the tea stalls near to the professional areas to serve the fruits asap "

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