Thursday, 19 April 2018

Business Idea 5: How to Start the business of Baby Massage & Spa

Problem: Un availability of Professional Service Provider for Baby Massage  

Solution:  We can start the service of Baby Massage as well as Baby Spa 

Idea Name: Baby Spa and Massage Center

Domain: Women Dominant 

Investment:  Zero 

Man, Power Requirement: 1(Trained Nurse-Baby Care Experience)

Space Requirement:

Potential Customer: 10000*30=3 Lac baby Massage per day 

Revenue Potential: 300000 * 500 =15000000 (1.5 Crore Per Day) 

                                      (Baby Born Per day in Middle Class/Upper Class = 10000 - 15000)
                                      Cumulative Massage for 30 Day
                                       Minimum Session Cost: Rs 500 Per day (Currently 300-500 by unprofessional)

Reference: This business is doing well in Landon and Australia, Two Girls from India open first Baby Spa Center in Perth (Australia) which is charging around Rs 5000 for single session, and in the duration of 10 Months they have got more than 3600 customers

This Spa Center got word wide popularity and in India there is huge scope for the same.

Business Model:

There may be two type of approaches that one can Use

1) Door Step on Demand Service: Can Be Started at Individual Level

2) Opening of Baby Massage Center: Require Space and Customer can bring their kids there, you can accommodate the need of many at same time, Require More man power 

Some Picture from Spa Center of Australia 

Enjoying Massage

Enjoying Spa

This is the Idea that is still not present in India and you one can start the same with zero investment

Support: We have tied up with the Experienced Nurses that can train candidates and marketing strategy and plan for successful implementation. If anyone want to use this domain then contact us by replying

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