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Business Idea 4: How to do the business of Trading of Free Chach/Chaas(Buttermilk) - Chach ATM

As a human, our top most priority is about our health which is directly related to what we eat and our living style.

In today’s scenario, as society is moving towards urbanization & modernization, so the quality of food and intake is degrading day by day.

Though the culture is not very bad in villages, Urban people want to earn like in urban society but want to have the quality of food that is in villages.

They are looking for the quality food.

Due to this need and problem, there is scope for the birth of many business related to the food industry like 

1)   Need for one who can provide pure food, or we can say organic food.
2) Need for other products like Milk and milk made products

So today we are taking about the business of one of the Milk Product called as Chach

This is the product which is like waste for our dairies in Villages.

This is the product whose demand is very much high in Summer and Some brand names like Amul, Motherdairy is supplying Tons of Chach(buttermilk) daily.

You can also do this business and even with zero cost(Investment). Even you can get the Finished Product Free of Cost.

We will tell how you can start this business and can earn Lakhs of rupees per month(Individually)
Or you can make a company and open a chain/franchise etc. for chach delivery.

Availability of Product:

Visit in the dairies near to your area and try to understand the quantity of chach they can give you daily. (Though most of them will provide the same as free still you can offer them some price like- Rs 3 -Rs 5 Per liter.

Delivery/ distribution channel:

There are two Model to trade the product:

a) Cart Model:
You can use the cart (like water service providers on road having the tap- which have the capabilities for making product cold) and serve chach to the customer
  •       You can use collaborate with the water service provides on the road (this gives additional income to them)
  • You can connect with the people who sell ice cream on the cart in night (they can earn some additional perks in morning) 
  • You can purchase e-rickshaw and customize them (for fit refrigerator etc.) to sell chach
  • Chach ATM: In which people will drop coin and they will get the chach automatically like in Water ATM

b) Use Distribution model:

Pack the chach that you got from the village dairies and pack them in your warehouse,
  • You can supply the same to the shop keepers
  • You can make distributors for the same that can supply the same to retailors 

There is huge potential in this market as people is looking for the chach which is delivered from the village directly not like Amul/Motherdairy that are made of something not organic

Potential Location:

  • For Cart Model: All office areas and Public place are the potential location
  • For Distribution model: All residential and commercial locations

You can easily start the same with Cart Model, there are more chance of success in the same, start from 1-2 carts in office areas they must take interest due to the original taste and quality then you can see for expansion.

Type of Chaas/Chach/Buttermilk

  • Plain Chach
  • Masala Chach
  • Salted Chach

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