Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Business Idea 3: Animal Hostel & Organic Land Hostel

Hi All,

This is an idea which is for the one who are interested in Agriculture and in Village culture,

This is an idea in which you must do no investment from your side and % of profit will be more than 500% 

Current problem: People in the urban cities/ metro cities dying to get good Milk and 
Vegetables that is why there is huge scope in this market , some corporates are trying to solve this problems, they buy the milk/vegetables and make then  available to the clients but still consumer didn’t have any strong believe on them about the quality of product they are getting though they are paying more than the average for them.

There is requirement which can make them believe about the quality of product though they can have spent more what they are spending right now.

Idea: We can open animal hostel and land renting for producing organic food for end customer only.

1) Buy the Cows and lease agriculture land 
  • Get the payment of cow from the client and make him owner of cow
  • Get the leased land to be rented to the client and make them owner for the land for a specific period let say for a year
  • You will manager all the activities of Cow and Organic cultivation for them on their land
  • Give them milk and vegetable for their home requirement
  • You can sell the remaining milk and vegetables in market
2) Client Benefit:
  • They can rely on the milk and vegetables as they are getting the same from their owned cow and land
  • Ye will not get the huge difference in the spending on this idea
  • They can visit the place on weekend and understand the closeness with nature
3) Your benefit:
  • No investment will be done by you
  • You can earn on management
  • You can charge service charge
  • you can get the maintenance cost from individual and will spent in bulk so savings
  • You can save from the selling remining goods
  • you can earn from the cow dung
  • you can earn from the cow urine
There are some places nearby Gurgaon where the concept of land renting is running, and companies are getting good profit on this

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