Sunday, 14 January 2018

Success Factor #3: An Idea Can NOT Change Your Life : Be Aware

Whenever we talk about the startup, very first thing of discussion is about "Idea",

Everyone think that having a good idea means having the most important thing to be successful

They follow the Phrase "An Idea can change your Life"

They Can NOT ... I strongly deny and challenge this statement that having idea can change your life

In my though idea is the beginning of something, it’s important to have a good idea but implementation is far more important aspect

No idea can work without implementation...99% of the startups are failed due to the issues of implementation so we cannot deny that these 99% startups were not having good ideas.

I can strongly prove this point by a good example.

Myself have a list of ideas, i am maintaining the same from last 5 years, in starting i do some research that is this idea is good and make sure that this idea is still not implemented in market
but as i don’t have implemented these ideas, so after some time, i came to know that the idea that i had has been implemented now, so i strike throw the idea and in the same manner many ideas that was with me has now been implemented by others.
on the bases of this i can say that implementation is more far important than having idea.

If you think genuinely about this, then you also found this true in your case also, from a long time you want to do something, and you had some ideas but you had not implemented that.

Those who implements that having the option of failure or success but those who not implements don’t have the option of success.

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