Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Success factor #2 :Be Deaf & Let other’s make fun of you

We live in a society WHERE most of us are surrounded by people who
1)     Don’t want anyone to be lifted
2)    Don’t want anyone to cross the circle of comfort
3)    Don’t want anyone to try something new
4)    Don’t want anyone to see any dream
5)    Don’t want anyone to make any effort to fulfil the dreams
If anyone from us decided to do something, then it hurts the ego of these surrounding people because they can’t accept if anyone from them is trying to live something that will make him separate from the crowd.
They will make fun of you to make down your moral, they want you to take back stepfrom the step that you have taken or going to take. In this situation most of us who have decided to do something, will go back to their home after getting demotivation from the surroundings.
This is our exam point where we either can cash the situation by making our self-deaf and move forward or can do a big mistake, even bigger than those who do not have decided to do something by taking b aback step.

Don’t stop and take back step, if people are making fun of you then it is a sign that you have crossed the very first and most difficult step towards success,
As per my thinking, you have to make yourself in such a way that people will make fun of you because those people “Who are making fun of you “ will start discouraging and challenging you if you still walking towards next step, and after some time when you will don’t listen to them and move towards target these people start appraising you and when you got the success, the same people set you as an example.

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