Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Startup Business Idea 2 : Job Wall | Job Park

Hi All,

This is the unique idea that is not present right now any where, This idea is for all those who are looking to expend or looking for startup in Job & Recruitement industry.

Major Proble :

1) Find candidates who are looking for jobs specially Freshers for an organisation ,
2) Finding organisations who are looking for candidates.

Right now there are many plateforms available in market like Job portals, consultancies etc but this medium is complex and limited to the number of organisations.

What we can do is , we can assign some wall of nearby park of any industrial/ officer area as Job wall, where jobin nearby companies can be listed and candidates can look into the same and direct apply for the same by going to the organisation.

This can be implemented like labour chowks in any city.We can make job parks in each industrial/office area where these candidates can come and representatives from organisations can talk to them directly and then shortlist them at the same point of time.

if you can implement the same then it will be like a permanent job fair in each and every where , here you can do below things and can make revenue

1) Get the commision on each hiring of candidate from the job park
2) Arrange some stalls of food/water/recharge/printout and collect commision from them
3) can arrange space for organisation representatives  to make quick interviews
4) you can also arrange your team to collect the resumes and make them shortlisted basesd on the organisation in your area.
5) you can also invite training institites there for candidate looking for training in some special field.

By implementing this idea.

1) A candidate can apply in many organisation in short time
2) Organisation can get the many candidates in short time
3) Organisation can decrease consultancy cost as very less effort is include in searching by third party

If this will become as practise for long time then process will become smoother and more productive for both candidates as well as organisation

contact to us for more details

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