Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Startup Business Idea 2 : Job Wall | Job Park

Hi All,

This is the unique idea that is not present right now any where, This idea is for all those who are looking to expend or looking for startup in Job & Recruitement industry.

Major Proble :

1) Find candidates who are looking for jobs specially Freshers for an organisation ,
2) Finding organisations who are looking for candidates.

Right now there are many plateforms available in market like Job portals, consultancies etc but this medium is complex and limited to the number of organisations.

What we can do is , we can assign some wall of nearby park of any industrial/ officer area as Job wall, where jobin nearby companies can be listed and candidates can look into the same and direct apply for the same by going to the organisation.

This can be implemented like labour chowks in any city.We can make job parks in each industrial/office area where these candidates can come and representatives from organisations can talk to them directly and then shortlist them at the same point of time.

if you can implement the same then it will be like a permanent job fair in each and every where , here you can do below things and can make revenue

1) Get the commision on each hiring of candidate from the job park
2) Arrange some stalls of food/water/recharge/printout and collect commision from them
3) can arrange space for organisation representatives  to make quick interviews
4) you can also arrange your team to collect the resumes and make them shortlisted basesd on the organisation in your area.
5) you can also invite training institites there for candidate looking for training in some special field.

By implementing this idea.

1) A candidate can apply in many organisation in short time
2) Organisation can get the many candidates in short time
3) Organisation can decrease consultancy cost as very less effort is include in searching by third party

If this will become as practise for long time then process will become smoother and more productive for both candidates as well as organisation

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

I am failing because others are failing as i am part of crowd #factor of failure

We live in a society where we learn to live life as lived by the others in our society.
Since childhood, we always asked to become a doctor or engineer. we don’t even allow to think beyond this.
While taking the admission if we came to know that there is recession in market and most of the collogue are not going for engineering then you immediately change your plan of engineering, this is because we are part of crowd.
Our family, society don’t want us to think differently, explore more because everyone wants us to be part of this crowd.
Recently I came to know about the bitcoins and other cryptocurrency, everyone just wants to buy the same (without knowing about the mechanism behind them) which is bought by their knowns. This is because we are part of crowd.
When I completed my 10th and going to took admission in 11th, then I choose Non-Medical as all my fried were choosing Non-Medical (They even don’t know why they were selecting Non-Medical, they knew that we can become engineer in 6 years and start earning money and this is the scenario in current market).
There was a recession in engineering in around 2002, and it was a rumored in society that engineers are getting only 5000, so we decided to go for BCA without even thinking, what BCA can do for me.
One day in BCA I was on 4th floor and trying to locate my Bike among the 100s of bikes on ground floor, but I was unable to do so, that make me realize that if I am not able to recognize my own bike just in few bikes that how you will be recognized in this crowd, this moment hit me a lot.
I decided to make identity in crowd even I don’t know how I will do that, I decide to get University Position in BCA and doing CA along with the same, I did PE-1(First stage of CA) and got 2nd position in BCA.
I started an institute for Computer coaching and stared 2 more business in one year successfully along with the MBA (Distance education). As per me I am doing something different from my surrounding.
After 1 year, I took admission in MCA regular while doing the business, Stared Bok writing also.
Shut down all the business as I was not able to manage with time, Got the Job in a startup to explore the things, here I do hard work and start blogging about my domain to make me separate from crowd of office. Along with the same I tried some startup but not able to make them successful, now started writing linked in articles, motivational speeches.
Though my decisions were immature, but I tried not to be part of this small crowd around me and now I felt a confidence in my level of thinking and exposure to current market.
If I am doing what others are doing , if i am thinking like others are thinking, if i am working like others are working, Then i will also be fail like other are failing.
Don’t be a part of crowd, believe me - It’s not that difficult 

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Success Factor #3: An Idea Can NOT Change Your Life : Be Aware

Whenever we talk about the startup, very first thing of discussion is about "Idea",

Everyone think that having a good idea means having the most important thing to be successful

They follow the Phrase "An Idea can change your Life"

They Can NOT ... I strongly deny and challenge this statement that having idea can change your life

In my though idea is the beginning of something, it’s important to have a good idea but implementation is far more important aspect

No idea can work without implementation...99% of the startups are failed due to the issues of implementation so we cannot deny that these 99% startups were not having good ideas.

I can strongly prove this point by a good example.

Myself have a list of ideas, i am maintaining the same from last 5 years, in starting i do some research that is this idea is good and make sure that this idea is still not implemented in market
but as i don’t have implemented these ideas, so after some time, i came to know that the idea that i had has been implemented now, so i strike throw the idea and in the same manner many ideas that was with me has now been implemented by others.
on the bases of this i can say that implementation is more far important than having idea.

If you think genuinely about this, then you also found this true in your case also, from a long time you want to do something, and you had some ideas but you had not implemented that.

Those who implements that having the option of failure or success but those who not implements don’t have the option of success.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Success factor #2 :Be Deaf & Let other’s make fun of you

We live in a society WHERE most of us are surrounded by people who
1)     Don’t want anyone to be lifted
2)    Don’t want anyone to cross the circle of comfort
3)    Don’t want anyone to try something new
4)    Don’t want anyone to see any dream
5)    Don’t want anyone to make any effort to fulfil the dreams
If anyone from us decided to do something, then it hurts the ego of these surrounding people because they can’t accept if anyone from them is trying to live something that will make him separate from the crowd.
They will make fun of you to make down your moral, they want you to take back stepfrom the step that you have taken or going to take. In this situation most of us who have decided to do something, will go back to their home after getting demotivation from the surroundings.
This is our exam point where we either can cash the situation by making our self-deaf and move forward or can do a big mistake, even bigger than those who do not have decided to do something by taking b aback step.

Don’t stop and take back step, if people are making fun of you then it is a sign that you have crossed the very first and most difficult step towards success,
As per my thinking, you have to make yourself in such a way that people will make fun of you because those people “Who are making fun of you “ will start discouraging and challenging you if you still walking towards next step, and after some time when you will don’t listen to them and move towards target these people start appraising you and when you got the success, the same people set you as an example.

Business Idea 10: नौकरी की दीवार

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