Thursday, 14 December 2017

You will Fail if you follow them blindly

Stop following successful people if you want to be successful.

 By saying this statement, I am not denying the value of following successful peoples of your domain, but have you ever think that at every platform you always look for the stories of top 2-3 successful peoples and immediately make a perception that I must be like them and start following and start collecting details about them

1. What is there qualification and education details
2.    How many days they were in job
3.    How many hours they were working on their startup
4.    From where they got the funding
5.    How can I met them

We all read and collect the information about what they had done in the journey of success.

And these are the things that you must do to be successful

You start seeing motivational videos and stories
At this stage you fell like you will be on the right direction to achieve the things you want.
Is it the complete information that you should have for a successful journey?

Should we don’t have the list of points that we must not done in the journey,

We have missed these point and even these successful people don’t have the answer to these points.
So from where we can get these points: Answer is From Failed peoples.

While interacting with the failed peoples you will come to know about all those things what they did and make them failed, so these are the things that one must don’t do in the journey.
For this you must have to listen the stories of these failed startups and this will be possible if you have left some space in your mind and thinking’s for them as well, which will be possible if we are not following successful people blindly.

Here 20-80 rule is also applied, for your startup journey, 20% of the things you must do will come from successful peoples and 80% of the this you don’t have to do will come from the experience of failed startups  

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