Tuesday, 19 December 2017

You Can't do business

If I ask you : “Do you want to start your own business”
You will say Big “Yes”
And this is the Answer we will get from most of Us.
But is it really mean that you really want to start a business.
No, it doesn’t mean the same.
"Want" is something different from wish, it may be your wish, but it is not that you want.
 I am saying this because according to the study,
50% from the all of us even didn’t give a try to do the business.
Thanks to the 80% people from the 50%(40% of total) who even try and make some efforts to convert your wish to want but they got failed as they don’t know how to do business but start a business due to their desire to do so.
After the failure these people returns to their home to live their previous life.

Now we have 10% remaining one who actually put relevant efforts to start their own business but 9% still faced failures
But one interested fact about these 9% is that they lean from mistakes and again put their effort, they didn’t give up very easily and finally most of them move to the band of 1% scattered over the years.
These 9% people are most important and can change the society, they can make a good eco system for startups, they have the collective experience of list of mistakes that a startup seeker did and had the solution also.
But Unfortunately, our society, our system doesn’t give a platform to these 9% people to help other many more 9% lot to make them successful.
 In general, only 1% of the people out of 100% can start their own business successfully and only 10% people put relevant effort.
 Other 90% People either don’t make any effort or start business or make very less effort but says that we want to start a business.
So,Out of 100%
50 % had Wish - Who didn't try and Not even in race of success
40% had Want - Who just try without knowing how to do what to do and failed
9% had dream - Who put relevant effort - failed & learn Iterations
1% had Life - Who Put all their Life in this (Successful)
The aim of this article is not to hurt anyone, this is a bitter truth

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