Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Why I'm Struggling

This is the question that comes in my mind very often, even I am not the only one, this is the question mark for everyone and trying to figure out the answer of the same.
In your whole life you will always found youself in the stage called as "Struggling"stage
As an Employee, we are struggling to meet the expectation of our boss/company and getting appreciations/increments.
As a Company, we are struggling to achieve our targets and increase the revenue
As Child, we are struggling to meet the expectation of our parents in terms of Marks
As an Old Parents, we are struggling to get the respect and some corner place in our own house.
As a Husband, we are struggling to make balance in personal and work life balance, Struggling to make balance between My Wife and My Family(Specially Ma)
As a Mother, we are struggling to give best values and learnings to our child
As a Father, we are struggling to earn for the needs of family and future of our children
As a Poor People, we are struggling to arrange a food for our family.
As a Middleman, We are struggling to complete our basic needs like having a Flat and car on EMI and study of our child & small savings for futures
As a startup , We are struggling for implementation, Survival and Funding , we are struggling for fame,name and money.
Every one is struggling in this world, whether female or male, Poor or Rich, Child or Old, and everyone this about the phrase
"Why I am Struggling " and Get Demotivated
In the Next article we will search for the answer of this question but Keep the blow line in your mind
"Struggling is not about Failure" "Its about Shaping Future"

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