Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Startup Ideas: Busienss Ideas where No or Minimum investment Required

From the child hood we have listen the popular phrase that 

" Anyone can Make money from Money "

But Unfortunately, there is not money with the 90% of the Startup seekers. At this stage they were looking for the ideas having no investment or minimum investment is required and these Ideas should be implementable and can have potential for sufficient earnings.

Here is the stage where we came into the picture:

Here using this blog, we will post one by one business ideas that we have in which we would not require a huge amount to be invest and also these are different from the traditional business ideas which you can see everywhere.

Still now from last 8 years we have worked on more than 20 ideas, we have gathered the information, by reading, discussion, visiting the experts.

If someone would require any type of help, then we are there even without looking for monitory benefits. We want India to be the GURU for Startups and Richest country all over the universe. We should start business with as many people as we can to give a remarkable figure to the world .

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