Thursday, 14 December 2017

Startup Business Idea 1 : Polyhouse/Greenhouse Farming : Hotriculture/Agriculture

Most of us are aware about the potential in Agriculture market, but didnt know from where we can start and how any branch of the same can be explore.

We all knows that more than 75% of our population lives in Villages and depend on agriculture.

One of the field of agriculture is called as Horticulture (Baagwani), Majorly used for cultivating flowers or high quality vegetables.

Today we will let you know about the technology that have huge potential in agriculture field and govt of India is also supporting the same with more than 60% subsidy

Maybe you have not heard much about the terms Polyhouse/ Greenhouse. But you have seen them some times in the agricultural land when we pass through some highway 


Normally in 1-acre land, a farmer can earn not more than 1 lakh per year if he goes for traditional farming, but if he can go for polyhouse farming than he can easy earn 8-10 lakh per year.

Center Govt as well as state govt is also promoting this farming and giving a huge subsidy varied from 60% to 90% depending on the state to state.

Below are some of the key points regarding the Polyhouse Farming:

1) It is a Israeli technology that is used by Indian govt to promote the same.
2) No special type of technical knowledge is required to do this type of farming.
3) basic concept behind this farming is to get the maximum yield from the minimum area by controlling the environment and establishing the environment inside the polyhouse which is of maximum favor for farming of that particular Item
4) cost of making polyhouse is around 40 Lakh to 60 lakhs per acre and govt will give 60% to 90% subsidy on this
5) You have to approach your District Horticulture Office for making application and collecting other information.
6) There are companies available in market we can make polyhouse and can help you in preparing files/Project report which can help in subsidy.

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