Thursday, 21 December 2017

How Startup Failed : Root Cause Analysis 1

In the startup industry, from all side of environment we came to know that startup is about implementing idea which can make the life of people easier to live, main emphasis is on the word “IDEA”, so we start searching for an idea, after some time we come up witan idea.
 We start dreaming of it and it make us multimillion milliner in short spam of day dream.     
We think that this is an amazing idea if I will share my idea with someone then there is chance that my idea will be stolen and someone else will implement the same.
Most of us are live in a society where we are afraid to share our idea. Due to this thinking, we are forcing our-self to the domain of failure.
Why I am saying this will be cleared from the below points.

There are two categories of people [Read my previous You Can't do business]

1)     Who are only dreamer and want to have their own business
2)      Others who implement the same.
 Some people who have idea and dreamer only will never make any effort to implement this. this is already a failure, they are in the group of 50% people.
Some people who have the idea and they starts implementing, they think that idea is awesome and if we will share this then someone can implement this, they are in the category of 40% people who failed due to the lack of knowledge and experience.  so, they never share this with other and so no chance for idea verification/advice etc. that itself seems to be failure even in initial phased.
Everyone who want to start something have idea, no one will work on your idea, because implementation itself is a big thing, so the person who have courage, ability & potential to implement something must have enough ideas with him.
So Please start sharing your idea with your friends, relatives, colleagues, seniors to get advices/suggestions. It will not harm you anymore.
Share your Views on this? Also share this article with one who can give relevant views on this.

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