Thursday, 23 May 2019

Business Idea 10: नौकरी की दीवार

आप लोगो ने नेकी की दीवार के बारे में तो सुना ही होगा , लेकिन आज हम आपको बताने जा रहे है "नौकरी की दीवार" के बारे में !

हम में से कोई भी घर से दूर नौकरी नहीं करना चाहता , लेकिन दुर्भाग्य से हमारे पास ऐसा कोई भी माध्यम उपलब्ध नहीं है , जहाँ पर हमे अपने आस पास की नौकरी की जानकारी प्राप्त कर सकें और वाही के वयवसायी लोग जहा अपने यहाँ की नौकरी की उपलब्धता के बारे में बता सके !
हम नौकरी की दीवार के माध्यम से एक ऐसे मुहीम की शरुवात कर सकते है जहा पर अपने की आप पास के व्यवसायी लोग अपने यहाँ पर नौकरी की खली जगह की जानकारी दे सकें और इस तरह की सभी जानकारी को एक जगह पा कर नौकरी खोज रहे लोग इस सुविधा का लाभ उठा सकें !
नौकरी की दीवार से आप इश्तहार (Advertisement ), व्यवसायी से सेवा शुल्क ( Service Charge From Employer) के जरिये आय अर्जित कर सकते हैं! इसके अलावा आप नौकरी खोज रहे लोगो को CV making, Interview Training, Skill Development Training की सेवाएं देकर अतरिक्त आय अर्जित कर सकते है और साथ ही जरुरतमंदो की नौकरी दिलाने में सहायता करके समाज और देश की प्रगति में भी अपना योगदान सुनिश्चित कर सकते हैं !
अधिक जानकारी के लिए हमसे संपर्क करें !
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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Business Idea 9: Produce Politicians(Unique Business Idea)

From many reports, it is revealed that there is a rare individual business other than politics exists where the income of someone increase to at least 500% time in the tenure of 5 years and to produce such people is also a huge profitable business 
Problem: Unavailability of professional institute to learn about politics 
Solution:  We can start a chain of Political learning Institute 
Idea Name: Political Learning Institute 
Investment: 0  
Man, Power Requirement Initially: 1 Trainer (Even volunteers available) 
Space Requirement (Initially): 1 Room  
Potential Customer (India):1M (with 5000 per month fee) 
Revenue Potential: 1M * 60000 =600 crore per year 
Profit Potential: 50% = 300 Crore per year (+Potential form the connection income with politicians) 

Detailed Desc: 
Huge number of people around the world are likely to make their career in politics and unfortunately there is no formal education is available that help you to make career in this field.At every level or stage of politics there are several people who are in the line to make them more skilled so that they can be deployed on the position that they want. 
Being a Politicians , its expected from you to make an impact on the people so that they start following you , for a politician many skills like Leadership, Communication, relationship management , image making , emotional intelligence , marketing, market analyzing etc are required. 
Some people get these skills from their family but most of the others are looking for external medium to enhance them so that these can be aligned with the goal of the same as well as general public. 
In this case study, we are talking about opening a chain of institute at Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities of country and where a formal course is designed to learn about the politics, the political institute should have good connection with the political parties to give their student live exposure ,Have guest lectures of the high profile politicians. Should have partnership with the marketing companies, image building companies, social media making companies so that every aspect to make a good politician can be covered. 
Special Advantage: 
If we can start this business then you will have the potential to make links/contacts with the key people of the political parties and government and can have benefit of the same for implementing your ideas in government objectives 
Business Model:There may be two Three type of approaches that one can Use
1) Franchise/ Self Owned Institute model:
2) Behind the scene: Services Like Social Media services, SEO,Ground research, image building packages, Organizing etc 
This is the Idea which is not present there in India to capture the market, only two approach are described here .so huge scope to blast this market

Support: We are business consultant and have business & implementation plan ready with us and done the market survey and make this case study after understanding this market in deep. If anyone want to disrupt the market, then contact us 
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Friday, 26 October 2018

Startup Idea 8: How to Start business of Tea Selling and can make billions (Huge Profile -No Loss-No Investment)

Problem: Un availability of hygienic Tea with Professional Delivery for Billions of people daily  
Solution:  We can start tea selling business with hygienic material by customize portable stalls and delivery 
Idea Name: Tea Selling business
Domain: Women & Men Dominant 
Investment: Zero 
Man, Power Requirement Initially: 1(Trained in Making 2-3 types of tea)
Space Requirement: 0- You can start from your home 
Potential Customer (for India only): At-least 10 M Per day (two times a day)
Revenue Potential: 10M * 1.5 tea Per day *10 Rs per tea =150M per day = 15 crore per day 
     (Daily Tea consumption = 2293 Ton - As per BBC Report 
means 1.5 Crore cups per day (taking 150ml in cup) = 1.5*10*30 = 450 Crore per month)
Expenses: Tea, Chief, Delivery, Interest on Set up, Sales, Marketing : 30%
Profit Potential: 70% = 315 Crore Per month (+ Potential form biscuits, Namkeen, cigarette etc served along with the same)

Detailed Desc:
This is only the most consuming drink in India after water, In every occasion people require this magical drink weather it is any function, any issue, any meeting, any disease, any meetup any charcha- at all the occasions we need Tea .
In this case study, we are talking about the organizing the tea thela business which exist in one tier city to even 3 tier cities as well as in villages, Revenue is calculated on the tea rate that is charged by unprofessional for unhealthy & hygienic material. We have the potential in making variety of tea like Assam tea, ginger tea, pan tea, green tea, chocolate tea, vanilla tea, iced tea etc ... more over this. You can start making your tea vending machines with original taste and Your innovations along with the technology can reach this business to many more levels, contact to us for more details if you are interested to know more about this.
Special Advantage: If we can start this business in the business, corporate area then you have the potential to make links with the key people of the corporate that can give you more leads for other business,

Business Model:
There may be two Three type of approaches that one can Use
1) Doorstep on Demand Service: Can Be Started at Individual Level
2) Opening of temporary Stalls like customized on e-rickshaw: People will come and enjoy the tea there and you can deliver to the near area by this stall.
3) Stall setup in Malls, Corporate Buildings etc: Here you can make more attractive shop with rich material and can charge accordingly.
This is the Idea which is not present there in India to capture the market of two tier and three tier city, only three approach is implemented here .so huge scope to blast this market

Support is here:

We have business & implementation plan ready with us and done the market survey and make this case study after understanding this market in deep. If anyone want to disrupt the market, then contact us

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

No Hardwork Please !!!!

From the begining of my life , i came across many thoughts from around me . one of the most famous was that " No Substitute of Hardwork " , "hardwork will never be waste " hard work is required to get success" etc
But these are quotes related to hardwork seems to be myth only.. These quotation makes such a strong feeling on one inside that it overlaps the Smart work and thinking and people starts following the hard work blindly .
People who can woek smartly with good productivity , makes them self slow and focussed only on the hardwork.
In the todays scenario... Hardwork will take you to long way for success and most of the chances are of failures as most of them require the smart thinking and therefor smart work in place of hard work.
No Hard Work Please !! Do Smart Work Please !!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Business Idea 7: Online News Channel @ Zero Cost

With the increase in use of social media in our life day by day, many business opportunities are started, and people are using the same for selling of their products and services.

No business domain is remaining untouched with the same, people are using the same anywhere anytime, and their business are operating from their pocket using the social media.

If we will talk about the newspaper/media domain, we found that due to the availability of huge source of updated information on social media and busyness in life, people don’t have time to read the newspaper and see the News on TV.

Problem Statement:Unavailability of organized source of news on social media

Solution/Idea: Lunching a social media news channnel

Investement : Zero 

Man-Power requirement : 1

Space Requirement : 0

Potential Customers: 241 million active users in India

Potential Revenue : Billion $  

This create a business opportunity for the people related to the media domain,

You can start your online social media news channel free of cost that will create a pillar for your TV news channel also.

Value/Advantage of News channel: 

1) You will get a respectful image between politician, Starts as well as the common people
2) Zero investment business in comparison to the traditional newspaper/media business
3) You can reach up to large audience with minimum time using social media.

How to Start:

1) Create a Facebook page & YouTube channel (both are free of cost)                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
2) Make 2-3 videos (3-5 minutes each) daily on the hot topic of the market and post them on Facebook page as well as on YouTube channel 

3)  process of posting of videos must be consistent and regular.

4) Start Facebook page promotion to catch organic audience as well as non-organic audience

5) As the views will increase so your page popularity.

6) After some time when you start getting response, nominate some journalist around the country (will be free of cost) and then they will have sent you the videos, then you can post them after filtration

Then your channel will have more visibility as no of posts will be increase and your effort will be less for video making

For Better and Quick results:

If you are group of 3-4 people initially than you will get less effort on each other, all of you will make 1-2 videos and you can get the better results in less time.


1) Speaking skills
2) Interest in popularity, politics and news 
3) Basic understanding of Facebook page and you tube channel 
4) 1-2-hour daily time efforts

Revenue Model:

1) Advertisements before videos in Facebook
2) Views revenue from YouTube
3) Revenue from the interview from political parties etc.

This is a business with zero investment and having huge potential in market in terms of money as well as fame.

If you have any query and require more details, you can contact us at

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Statup Idea 6 :Supply fruits to professionals on their desk

Hi All,

Today we are going to discuss about the Startup Idea which will be solving a major problem related to most of the professionals (Office going professionals) 

Problem Statement: Less intake of fruits by professionals in daily life 

Solution: A Service provider who can supply fresh fruits on the desk of professionals daily without                    loosing fruit's nutrients 

Idea Name: On demand fruit supply for professionals on their desk 

Investment:  Zero 

Man, Power Requirement: 1

Space Requirement: 0 

Potential Customer: All professionals (more than 10 lacs per day) 

Revenue Potential: More than 5 Cr per day (with Rs 50 per day for a customer)

Disc: There is no professional service provider or aggregator who can provide the fresh cut fruits on the desk of professionals. It is highly recommended to consume at least two fruits in a day.

In my survey on 50 professionals, we have found that around 90% professional were not able to consume even a single fruit but all of them want to do the same, this is because they don’t have time to buy and cut the fruit on their desk 

So here a need of professional organized supply chain is arrived who can supply fresh fruit to their desk.

Points to think: How to supply the fruits without losing their nutrients.
   How can we supply the fruit within 15-30 minutes after cutting.

"We can collaborate with the tea stalls near to the professional areas to serve the fruits asap "

Business Idea 5: How to Start the business of Baby Massage & Spa

Problem: Un availability of Professional Service Provider for Baby Massage  

Solution:  We can start the service of Baby Massage as well as Baby Spa 

Idea Name: Baby Spa and Massage Center

Domain: Women Dominant 

Investment:  Zero 

Man, Power Requirement: 1(Trained Nurse-Baby Care Experience)

Space Requirement:

Potential Customer: 10000*30=3 Lac baby Massage per day 

Revenue Potential: 300000 * 500 =15000000 (1.5 Crore Per Day) 

                                      (Baby Born Per day in Middle Class/Upper Class = 10000 - 15000)
                                      Cumulative Massage for 30 Day
                                       Minimum Session Cost: Rs 500 Per day (Currently 300-500 by unprofessional)

Reference: This business is doing well in Landon and Australia, Two Girls from India open first Baby Spa Center in Perth (Australia) which is charging around Rs 5000 for single session, and in the duration of 10 Months they have got more than 3600 customers

This Spa Center got word wide popularity and in India there is huge scope for the same.

Business Model:

There may be two type of approaches that one can Use

1) Door Step on Demand Service: Can Be Started at Individual Level

2) Opening of Baby Massage Center: Require Space and Customer can bring their kids there, you can accommodate the need of many at same time, Require More man power 

Some Picture from Spa Center of Australia 

Enjoying Massage

Enjoying Spa

This is the Idea that is still not present in India and you one can start the same with zero investment

Support: We have tied up with the Experienced Nurses that can train candidates and marketing strategy and plan for successful implementation. If anyone want to use this domain then contact us by replying

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Business Idea 10: नौकरी की दीवार

आप लोगो ने नेकी की दीवार के बारे में तो सुना ही होगा , लेकिन आज हम आपको बताने जा रहे है "नौकरी की दीवार" के बारे में ! हम ...